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How to repair Bluetooth Headset?



Bluetooth Headphones are Quite natural now a Days. Everyone likes wireless Bluetooth Audio Devices. for some circumstances, you find that your Bluetooth Headset Device is not working Correctly or might be the wire of the Bluetooth Earphone maybe Broken. If you have a Cheaper Headphone then the Repairing cost may be higher than the original value. So, all of the cases you can repair your Headphone in an Easy and systematic way.

YouTube Video:

This video will show you how you can repair the Bluetooth Headphone in a Systematic way. Watch the full video to repair Bluetooth Headset.

Steps For Repairing:

I have Divided all the problems into several parts. It will be easier for getting the solution to the Problem.

Wire Break Problem:

  1. The main Problems with headphones will be the broken wire. These problems can be solved easily.
  2. if you find that the wire is broken from the main charging unit. then you have to open the charging Unit. then from that side, you will find 2 solder pads which are broken.
  3. Now you will Need a Soldering Iron for connecting the wire with the PCB.
  4. If your Earphone wire is broken from the earphone then you need to carefully open the Headphone. if you damage it will not look professional.
  5. find which wire has been open-circuited and then use a Soldering iron and solder it.

Battery Backup Issue:

  1. This problem arises in old Bluetooth Earphones. in some cases the battery may be damaged.
  2. in some cases, the Micro-USB port of the Bluetooth Headphone will not work. In that case, the repairing will be hard. You have to replace the USB port with a new one.
  3. Generally speaking, the Battery of the Bluetooth ‘s Battery will not get damaged easily.

Charging Issue:

  1. Make sure you are using a good working charger.
  2. check your USB to micro USB cable.
  3. If anything is not working then it will be an internal circuitry fault.e
  4. check that the Charging USB Port is Broken or not.

Microphone Issue:

  1. Check the MIC wires are connected or not. If the Bluetooth MIC wire is not connected then you should use a soldering iron to solder the broken wire.
  2. In general cases, the mIC would not get damaged. If It gets damaged then go to your nearest electronics shop and buy a MIC and replace it with a new one and your problem will be solved.

Hope this helps for repairing headphones.

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