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Every Laptop/ Notebook has a battery pack inside in it. In some cases, It may be removable or in some cases, it may not be. In this case, we are going to discuss the Removable Laptop Batteries. and also going to fix Plugged In Not Charging.

Why Plugged In Not Charging?

There are several reasons for Plugged In Not Charging. Here I will discuss the Top as well as the main reasons for the plugging in not charging.

  • In the first case, It may be the problem with the adapter as well as the adapter wire, This is the common issue for the Laptop not charging. Every laptop has a rated Voltage adapter Such as 18.5V or 19.5V.
  • You would need a Multimeter for checking the output voltage of the Laptop/ Notebook Power Adapter. if the measured voltage from the multimeter is the same as the originally rated voltage such as 18.5 or 19.5V then your adapter is functioning correctly.
  • In 90% of cases, the problem will be in the adapter. Either the wire is short-circuited or the adapter will get damage.
  • The Next 0roblem will be in the Laptop/ Notebook Batteries.
  • There are several batteries inside the Laptop battery pack. If any battery 0f the battery pack gets damage. Then the battery makes a malfunction. I will discuss this topic in detail Below.
  • In some cases, you should try to troubleshoot your battery from the Windows Device Manager Option. This technique will not work in the long run. Later you must have to replace the Battery.

This is the main reason for the plugged in not charging.

Watch the YouTube video:

Here is the video from Creative Creator, He explained about which battery to buy and which battery to avoid.make sure you watch the full video.

How the Notebook/ Laptop Battery pack is made?

  1. Many manufacturers make the laptop battery with different sizes and different parameters ( Like Voltage, Ampere, Power). But they all make the battery in the same theory. Maximum laptop batteries use 18650 Batteries for power storage. And for safely charging and discharging the battery they use BMS Also known as Battery Management System. Every laptop has a different type of BMS.
    BMS [Battery Management System]
    BMS [Battery Management System]
  2. In 90% of cases, the BMS is not bad. So, It means that there will be a problem in the battery.
  3. Maximum laptop batteries are rated at 12.6V or 16.8V.
  4. There is not only one battery inside the battery case. There are many batteries in the battery case. In main cases, the Batteries are the 18650 Batteries. 18650 Battery has a full charge voltage of 4.2V and a nominal voltage of 3.7V.
  5. Now if we connect 4 batteries in series then check the total voltage then there will be 3.7V x4=14.8V. this battery pack is called 3s Battery pack. (4S Because of the 3 cells connected in series)
  6. The same case will apply in 3s battery. Now you can calculate the 3S battery voltage.
  7. Now when the battery pack has defected then we can say all batteries connected in series may not be damaged. If anyone of the battery is damaged then other batteries will not work at full potential.
  8. You may see your laptop is shutting down whenever the battery is less than 20%. I also faced this problem.
  9.  For testing the batteries you have to open the battery case. Then you will need a Multimeter. Set the Multimeter at DC.  And check each Batte branch voltage. If you find (for 4s Battery pack) 3 batteries at same voltage like 3.7V and another one is 2.3V then you should determine that the 2.3V battery is damaged. Then check the battery model number and buy it from Here.
  10. Now replace the damaged battery and you are good to go. Now you can run the battery one more year.
  11. Make sure you are using the same model number Battery. Otherwise, the battery backup may not be great.
  12. If you have some more money then I will suggest you buy all 4 Batteries (try to use the same capacity battery.) In this way, all battery will work great.
  13. You can use any battery calibration Software for calibration of the new battery. Then your Laptop will not stop when your battery below 20%.
  14. You can also manually calibrate the battery by some simple methods.
  15. This was the easy one. In some old laptops, you will find some 4s2p or 3s2p configuration. Let me explain what this sp configuration is. The first one 4s means that 4, 18650 batteries are in series connection. And 2p means that all 4 batteries have 1 battery in parallel.  This is a 4s2p configuration.
  16. In this way, you can calculate the 3s2p or any other combinations.
  17. In this case (4s2p configuration) if the battery no 3 has any damage then you must replace the 2 batteries from no 3 pair.

What is the easiest way to fix Plugged In Not Charging?

    • As I have mentioned earlier that the BMS is ok in 90% cases.
    • So, the first thing you can do is that you can buy a new battery and run your battery as usual.
    • And the easiest thing you can do is that you can buy same number 18650 batteries and replace it with the new Batteries.

I have done the same thing in my case and replaced it with new batteries from the power bank at a very cheap price. Now my laptop/ Notebook is giving a great battery backup.

This is a great DIY Idea for repairing your laptop battery.

Some important Notes about Plugged In Not Charging:

  1. Make sure the 18650 batteries are original. Some Chinese sellers sell fake batteries with wrong information like 9900mah, 8800mah and much more.
  2. In 18650 size we can maximum store 3500mah. Not more than that. So It means that the batteries are fake.
  3. The original battery may be a bit more expensive. But if you want my advice then I will say that go with the expensive batteries. These Batteries are completely worth it.
  4. If your battery manufacturer uses the Samsung battery then go for the Samsung battery. Because the BMS is optimized for the Samsung Batteries.
  5. It will be great if you use the spot welder. It is recommended for 18650 Batteries. Otherwise, you can use a soldering iron.
  6. Avoid any type of short circuits. (Good for BMS)
  7. After all the work did make sure you have calibrated the Battery for the better battery backup. (Important Step)

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