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17 Secrets Proven Tips to Getting That Perfect Sleep Every Night!




Getting a perfect sleep at night is very important in our life. A good sleep maintains our healthy lifestyle. The main reason we can’t able to sleep is workloads, study pressure. Some people take sleeping pills for sleep. But you know what this is not a healthy way to take a bath sleep. It is also not recommended to consume this type of medicines without asking the Doctor. As of now, I will give you 17 Simple Proven Tips to getting that perfect Sleep at Every Night. Apply these simple Tricks and you will be able to get a perfect sleep. 


1. Make a Sleeping Routine:

It is one of the main reasons for not able to sleep. In general, A normal Adult person needs 8 Hours of Sleep. 8 Hours is perfectly fine for most of the people. It only depends on you If you need one more hour then just take it and try to maintain the Sleeping time.

sleeping routine

Even At the Weekend Please don’t take Sleep for more than 1 hour. It will create a bad habit for your brain. 

If you are not able to sleep then Do something relaxing, Pleasent for your mind. continue it for 15 minutes and then try to sleep. You can read some books, and listen to some pleasant music for Sleep. Personally, I use Music for sleeping. You can also try it out. 


2. Physical Work or Any type of Activity like Exercises: 

Any type of physical exercise is great for leading a healthy life. You can join the Gym for that. Although it is not mandatory to go to the Gym. You can also do Morning Walk, Pushups, Household works. when you execute this type of works then calories are burnt. Your body will feel tired and for this, you can sleep faster. 

do exercise for better sleep
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3. Do Not Eat too Much:

Eating is essential to living. Don’t eat too much as you are hungry. Your Stomach will try to digest the extra food. that will lean you not able to sleep.

Moreover, you should note you should not eat too late otherwise you have to wave up for searching for food in Mid Night. This will not be the ideal saturation. 

eat only how much you needed


4. Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine is mainly a stimulant. the Duration of caffeine is 6 hours. Suppose you are taking 100mg of caffeine at 2 PM so the effect will last till 8 PM. Taking caffeine late leads you to unhealthy sleep. Just try to avoid caffeine at night. Excessive caffeine tells your brain that you have to do something important than sleep. This affects your sleeping time. 

don't take too much caffeine
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5. Say No to Alcohol:

Mainly Asian countries have a habit of drinking some type of wine with their dinner. It’s perfectly fine. You can’t change your habit but I will suggest you take 1 or 2 Glass of wine before 1 or 2 hours of sleep. then it will not interrupt your sleeping. Surely Any type of alcohol creates a Sleeping feeling in the initial stage when you are going to sleep. But interrupts your intermediate sleep. So Just try to make new drinking habits. Therefore, you will be able to fall asleep fast in Bed. 

Don't drink alcohol before sleeping
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6. Get up early in the Morning:

Our body functions in a Rythm. Just make a life cycle when you want to get up and when you want to sleep. It will make a big impact on your daily life. Just try to train your body like this.

Humans are habituated with their works. It will take time but try it it will definitely work. Specifically on weekends just trying to wake up in a regular manner.  

get up early in the morning
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7. Take a Bath before Bed: 

A study shows that if you take a bath with warm water before 1 or 2 hours of sleep then it will help you to in sleeping. It is a well-known way for Better sleep. The warm water bath cools your body down. And it increases your blood circulation in the body. This is the must-have type thing for sleeping. Picking hot shower develops your “Temperature Circadian Rythm” that will provide you good sleep quality at the night. 


take bath before sleep
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8. Bedroom Temperature:

Bedroom temperature played a great role in sleeping. Our body needs a cool temperature for relaxation. It needs about 18° C or 65° F for good sleeping. A too cool or too hotbed will make interference in your well sleeping. 


9. Drinking too much Liquids: 

Drinking too much liquid heads you to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Surely it improves your Mood, Digestion. So I will highly suggest you take the liquids 1 or 2 hours before sleep. Otherwise, it will interrupt your middle sleep. 

too much water drinking
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10. Sleep with light Clothes or not?

Definitely our body needs cool temperatures for relaxation and meditation. But it is always not true. for sleeping Our body needs warm temperature. So, wearing light, loose clothes like Pajamas is the obvious choice. All in all, you should wear any type of breathable clothes for sleeping and it is healthy for your life. You can wear any type of natural material clothes like Silk, cotton, linen. Sleeping naked could assist you to fall asleep faster it is not good for the long run.

sleeping with light clothes
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11. Diminish Blue Light View at the Night:

Daylight exposure is good for health but for the night the case is different. It gives the opposite feedback to our Health. According to circadian rhythm, our brain knows when to sleep and when not to. In the day time, we get light from the sun. It tells our brain not to sleep at this time. But at night if we see too many TV shows or use Phones, Ipads, then the blue light exposure tells our brain than it is not time to sleep.

blue light effects
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  • The people who use Electronic devices too much as their daily driver, They should use a Computer glass which will brock the blue light from the computer devices. 
  • PC users should install Bluelight blocker Software in their Computers and laptop.
  • Most of the mobile phone users have this feature build into their Devices. Otherwise, you can install third-party apps from the App store (For iPhone users) or Playstore (For Android users) which will apply a blue light blocker filter on your screen. 

All these tricks will help you to diminish blue light at night time.


12. Go to Bed Earlier:

Many of us make this big mistake to go to sleep at a very late at night. It is not a great thing. Doctors also suggest going to bed ahead of time. This also depends on the circadian rhythm. Therefore try to train your body to go to bed early. This will gradually change your sleeping cycle. This will give a great impact on your life. So, your aim must be habituated to sleep at the right time. 


13. Pick the right Cushion/ Pillow: 

If you search on the internet about Pillow then you can see there are different options to choose from. Sometimes it became difficult for us to choose the right Cushion to our needs. Depending on the different types of sleepers such as Side sleepers, Back Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers there are many pillow options. The main thing is that the cushion should be Soft and Firm. 

choose right pillow
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  • Back Sleepers can use a medium thickness pillow for sleeping.
  • Stomach Sleepers should use a soft and nearly Flat pillow. 
  • Side Sleepers should use a slightly narrow pillow. Otherwise, you may be affected by Neck or Shoulder pain. 
  • Mixed Sleepers can use a soft pillow with a medium thickness. This will give you a restful and pleasant sleep.


14. Clear your mind and Relax:

For clearing your mind you will first need to make a do list which you want to execute. it will take a maximum of 5 or 10 Minutes for making the list. But trust me Guys this will take you 1 step ahead to fall asleep faster. Try to make your muscles fully tension-free and just relax. Just close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then release it. 

just relax
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15. Turn off Electronics before going to Sleep:

Make your Bedroom No-Screen zone. When you are trying to sleep then just try not to use electronic devices like Mobile, TV, Consoles. The radiations from the mobile devices are not good for sleeping. So, Don’t sleep with Phones. Make sure you have turned off all your devices before 2 hours of sleep. and if possible then try to turn all lights off before sleeping. 

turn off electronics


16. Don’t Look at Clock:

This is a very annoying thing for sleeping when you hear clock sounds. Research shows that when people are trying to sleep then they try to count the clock’s Tick tock Sound. This works some times but sometimes it doesn’t. So, here the suggestion from the specialists is that to replace the Analogue clock to a Digital one. This will improve your sleep quality. And also keep the clock away from your bed. 

don't look at clock
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17. Arrange Your Room Environment for optimal functioning: 

Firstly Good visual exposure is the most needed thing for sleeping. So, Color your room with soothing colors that are pleasant for our eyes. The colors should be like white, Light Green which full fills your need. 

Try to optimize External Noice such as traffic sound. This will take your sleep ashtray. So, you may be affected by any type of serious health issues. 

well organised bedroom
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So the bottom line is 

  • Make your Bedroom as an enjoyable place. 
  • Turn off any type of lights from your room.
  • The Bedroom should be relaxing and pleasant in getting better sleep. 


Wrap Up:

For the perfect sleep, we will definitely need to clean and sanitize our room. A well-managed room will make you fall instantly asleep. And I will suggest you sleep smartly. For an absolute night-sleep try to manage stress

Remove all unnecessary thinking before sleep. Try to follow all these 17 Secrets Proven Tips to Getting That Perfect Sleep Every Night. It will be beneficial to your life. 

  • Avoid too much liquid Intake such as Alcohol.
  • Eat optimally.
  • Do General Exercise, Meditation, yoga for better sleep. 
  • Don’t Take Sleeping Pills without consulting with the Doctor. 
  • Turn off Mobile devices before 2 hours of sleep. 
  • Make the room comfortable, Cool,  Hygienic to sleep.

So, These are the 17 Secrets Proven Tips How to Sleep Every Night! Try each Secrets Proven Tip for 1 or 2 weeks and you will see the difference. 



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