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Simple wire break Alarm circuit with IRFZ44N MOSFET



This Simple circuit Shows How you can make a Simple Wire Break Alarm Circuit with IRFZ44N MOSFET. You can use basically any N-Channel MOSFET.

  • Here LED and the Buzzer is connected in Parallel Configuration. So it means that if the LED is powered then also the Buzzer is Powered.
  • Here We are giving the 12V power to the circuit, and the LED is 3V So we will need a Current Limiting Resistor. Here R2 150R is the Current Limiting Resistor.
  • from 12V VCC to the MOSFET’s Gate Pin is connected with a 33k Resistor. and the MOSFET’s Gate to the course is connected with a wire Loop.
  • So, we all know current flows through the shortest path so, the current will flow from 12v VCC to the GND. it will not go to the Mosfet’s Gate pin.
  • But when you cut the loop wire then 33k Resistor flows current from +12V to MOSFET’s Gate Pin. So, it powers up the MOSFET and the Load that is connected with the Mosfet (3V LED and the 5V BUZZER) will be powered up.

Youtube Video:

Schematics/ Circuit Diagram for Simple Wire Break Alarm Circuit using IRFZ44N N-Channel MOSFET:


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