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Custom Printed PCBs



In this article, we will be discussing Custom Printed PCBs. I, Myself as a hobbyist also enjoy making circuits in the breadboard. But sometimes you know what the Breadboard doesn’t work as it is intended to.

There are mainly some key points where I must use the PCB.

  • Sometime we work with many Hight Freqiency circuits. This types of circuits inclued many components. Suppose we want to generate a PWM Signal with 555 Timer then we will need some other complementery components. We can use Any Dot PCB or any breadboard for making the circuit. But the Problem is that the connections will not be good. It maybe loose. For this the circuit that you are trying to make may be get damaged for any sohrt circuit created by loose connection.
  • Secendly, If you are creating the circuits in DOT PCB then you will need a lot of solder. Because you have to create each and every joints because ther is no components connected with Physically with the copper layer.
  • Thirdly I would say while you ahve to make every copper connections yourself then high ammount of soldering smoke will be created. And you know what this soldering smoke is not good for our health.
  • Lastly I would say that you may can create your circuit. But the finished product will not be that professional.
Circuit Diagram
This is a simple LED chaser circuit with CD4017.
Here the NE555 Timer Provides the PWM Signal for CD4017 as the trigger pulses.

Where you will get your PCBs Printed?

There are many companies that make PCBs for you. All the process is same you have to upload the Gerber file to their respective sites and then they will provide you the Custom PCBs as you are intended to.

As of now, there is a great sale is going on the NextPCB website. They are calling it Mid-Summer Sale. Here you will get an exclusive discount on Prototype PCBs and PCB assembly orders.

You can get 30% off on 3m² PCBs and over 20% off over 3m² PCBs. This offer is Huge. You can make some great Electronics projects with these PCBs.


Suppose you want to make a PCB and also want all the components you have desired pre-soldered (Pre-assembled) on the PCB (PCBA Order). NextPCB also gives you such an option. You can also get PCB assembly service with NextPCB.

The PCBA offer is also cost-effective. You can get 15% off on 10 PCBs and over 20% off over 20 Pieces of PCBA Order.

Here are the Rules for this Activity:

  • Participants: NextPCB users.
  • Discount orders: PCB/PCBA orders only.
  • For single PCB order, 30% off for PCB Area ≤3 square meters, 20% off for PCB Area> 3 square meters.
  • For single PCBA order: 15% off for PCB quantity ≤10pcs, 20% off for PCB quantity (15%OFF Components) >10pcs.
  • The discount cannot be used along with other special offers, coupons, and points.
  • The discount is limited to the product amount in the order.
  • The discounts is subject to payment time.

Services that NextPCB offers:


PCB manufacturing service:

  • Multi-layer PCB(1-20 layers)
  • Small batch and Mass production service(5-1000+)
  • FR-4, HDI, FPC, Aluminum, and Rogers PCB materials
  • 24 hours lead time

PCB Assembly:

  • One-stop assembly service (covering PCB/BOM/SM
  • MOQ = 1 piece
  • Quality testing: AOI, X-ray, FAI, Flying Probe Tester
  • 3-5 Days Quick Assembly


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